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Here you can find the various supercool free downloads from my various projects and remixes...
Containeing original songs and compositions' from my various projects, Alongside some Live DJ mixes.
Also Original Sound and Sample Collection's Available on request
Get in touch if you would like some custom samples, mixes, remixes, collabartions or projects.
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.: dopeNL free DL_01 :.

  dopeNL's MUM Remix

 MUM Remix


.: dopeNL free DL_02 :.

  dopeNL's dopamine

 Images of the Dam


.: dopeNL free DL_03 :.

  dopeNL's Crazy 60 sec's

 Images of the Dam

         Crazy 60 sec's-sbaolnwob-Crazy 60 sec's

.: dopeNL free DL_04 :.

  dopeNL's Navigato 94

 Images of the Dam

         Navigato 94-sbaolnwob-Navigato 94

.: dopeNL free DL_05 :.

W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal mix)

 W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal mix)

         W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal mix)-sbaolnwob-W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal mix)

.: dopeNL free DL_06 :.

W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (VX dubMix)

 free download

         W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal dub)-sbaolnwob-W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (vocal dub)

.: dopeNL free DL_07 :.

W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (Inst dub mix)

 W.Y.L.D dogs Trip (Inst dub mix)


.: dopeNL free DL_08 :.

dopeNL Bite Down Remix

 dopeNL Bite Down Remix

         dopeNL Bite Down Remix-sbaolnwob-dopeNL Bite Down Remix

.: dopeNL free DL_09 :.

The MIND Gap (True vocal mix)

 The MIND Gap (True vocal mix)

         The MIND Gap (True vocal mix)-sbaolnwob-The MIND Gap (True vocal mix)

.: dopeNL free DL_10 :.

The MIND Gap (MPXO mix)

 The MIND Gap (MPXO mix)

         The MIND Gap (MPXO mix)-sbaolnwob-The MIND Gap (MPXO mix)

.: dopeNL free DL_11 :.

dopeNL Friday-Chants

 Images of the Dam


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