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_weekly Live recorded mixes, Mash-ups, ReSprays & podcast sessions @ NL studios ~
Spinning tunes, live ReSprays, Remixing, Live sound/sampling/recording. Digital & analog synthesis skills.
Programming, custom & unique musical/sound mix sets.
Creating custom sample file's, Live sound sampling & sound manipulation.
Also a "wizzHelp" for professional & home studios, with technical help & advice, training, programming.
Installations & custom rack / equipment storage. Fixed or mobile rack units made to fit your needs, both software & hardware related solutions. .
Bespoke design & storage solutions for pro and home studio’s, configuration & installations. MIDI help with configuration or implementation technics.
Get in touch if you need any direction, a chat or advise. dopeNL...___...
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dopeNL has been in the music industry starting his music career as a D.J back in 1989, playing a number of music styles & genres. Also organising various private parties & club events, in & around the London area.
In 1992 he gained an interest in producing music after being introduced to MIDI by a close friend (Don'K') who had just set up his own home recording & MIDI studio in west londons brentford. Between May & October 1993 he studied Home Studio Recording with MIDI Basic Implimentaion & Cubase at East Bearkshire College.

In January 1995 he begain training at
South Thames College where he studied a National Diploma in Sound Recording & Music Technology. He successfully completed this course with Distinction in January 1997.
In June 1995 was involved as a sound engineer & helped produce various promotional videos for the “Polite Company”. A film & video production company Upon finishing his studies at South Thames College Nick spent a further 3 months training in post production using SoundScape (HDR & editing soft/hard ware) at the Crosstown production studios in Fulham. Having proved himself to be a first grade sound engineer Nick then taken on by Crosstown as their own in-house post production engineer for a further 18 months. During this time he also worked at the ThirdStone Studios in Camden as a studio manager / engineer / programmer.

Also involved as a sound designer & sound technician in “Heart of a Dog” A production by “I'm A Camera”. Sound technician & operator at “The Gate” theatre (Noting hill gate), in the of the award winning production of “The Weavers”, directed by Dominic Cooke. He also was involved as sound technician and operator at “The Grace” theatre in the adaptation of disc worlds “Guards Guards”. By Terry Pratchett. Post production HDR & editing for “Alfs Glue Ear” (Soho), freelance post production engineer, involved in various projects related to television, averts & film. Remix, audio production & programming, “Force of 10” HDR & editing. HD~editing, Remix, audio production & programming, “I AM international Studios” (Camden town)
Design, build, fitting & configuration of HD recording & video editing suite / recording & writing studio TAPinc studio information / pictures.
Occasional Guest radio show, “unknown FM” (90.20fm ) ~ London's #1 Underground Music Station ~ ~ Breakbeat & electronic experiment music).

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_weekly Live recorded mixes, Mash-ups, ReSprays & podcast sessions @ NL studios ~
by DJ dopeNL:  Get in tune for regular updates / uploads.

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"wizzHelp" for professional & home studios, with technical help & advice, training, programming.
Both software & hardware related situations & bespoke configuration & installation, MIDI help, configuration & implementation.
Get in touch if you need anything, a chat or advise. dopeNL.........

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