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Hey hello, I am now in the process of building a new local (Europe) network of like minded Dj's and producers. I'm generally a freelancer in various roles, DJ, Programmer, engineer both recording and live work.
With over 20-years in and out of the business and various collaboration's to my name.
Get in touch if you need anything, a chat or advise.

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House, Deep House, ClubDance, Electronic House, Breakbeat, Leftfield, DubStep, Bass Music, d'n'b, Trance, Progressive, Experimental, Sound of the drum, Tribal Trance, Progressive Bass Beat. Acidbeat, Electro, Old-school Acid House....

the_0_type ~
DJ only – promos – mash-ups – live re-mixes – vinyl – CD – USB – HTFR – oldBox....

the_p_reason ~
_well why not:
With an addiction to mixing and live mash-ups, I like to create a unique "dopeNL" positive musical atmosphere, that induces fun, joy and happiness.
The basis of all my musical passion to assist in the making of people dance with a song in there heart. With many years of experience and hours of exposure, a total admiration and love of music. The wish, desire and means to share with all music and dance lovers.

the_e_how ~
__U.K.W – decksrecords – HTFR – DL.numbers – discogs – UKLRs__
_SL2010's – KORG KP3 – RANE Empath – CDJ400 Ltd – Kontrol X1mk2 – Tascam DR100 ssr_
_ keeping v1nyl 4live dopeNL -

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Get in touch if you need anything, a chat or advise. dopeNL.........

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